Rhododendron is a genus of plants belonging to the family Ericaceae, and comprises a wide variety of ornamental shrubs and trees known for their showy flowers.

Rhododendron leaves are evergreen in most species. They are simple, leathery and often lanceolate or oval. The flowers are one of the most distinctive features of Rhododendron. They can vary in size and shape, but are generally large and showy, with colors ranging from white and pink to red and purple.

There are many varieties, some of which have been developed to resist specific diseases, adapt to different climates or provide a wider range of colors and sizes.

Wholesale Rhododendron in Spain

Mediterranean Ornamental Production is a nursery specialized in the wholesale of rhododendron. Available all year round in different varieties and sizes:

  • Format: bushy
  • Variety: Hybrid, Dwarf, Oortinno
  • Size: pot 19-30 cm

We carry out a periodic control during the whole production process as well as a supervision before the plant leaves our facilities in our loading bay so that you receive only the highest quality in your order.

We put at your service a solid logistic network with weekly and/or daily departures according to destination. In our reception warehouse (next to our offices) we have the capacity to make groupage and we make up the trolleys to make the most of the space and to make our clients’ transport profitable.

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