Aromatic Plants

Aromatic plants are those that produce volatile compounds that emit pleasant fragrances. These plants often have essential oils in their leaves, flowers, stems, roots or other parts, which contribute to their characteristic aroma. Many aromatic plants are adaptable and can grow in a variety of climatic conditions. This makes them ideal for growing in gardens or pots.

Its most evident characteristic is its distinctive and pleasant aroma. Each plant has its own unique set of aromatic compounds that give it a specific odor. Many aromatic plants are used in cooking to enhance the flavor of food. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil and cilantro are common examples. Some have repellent properties that help protect other plants from pests. For example, mint can help keep certain insects away.

Aromatic plants nursery in Almeria, Spain

Producción Ornamental Mediterráneo is a nursery specialized in the production of aromatic plants.

  • Classical: Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender officinalis.
  • Culinary: Curly Parsley, Smooth Parsley, Green Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary Officinalis, Creeping Rosemary

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Production and wholesale of ornamental plants

Our ornamental plants are prepared in formats suitable for transport. Contact us to consult the different formats, diameters and heights of each variety, as well as their packaging in trays and CC.

We attach great importance to quality, logistics and customer service. All this has led us to become a reference in the distribution of ornamental plants in the national and European market.

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