Dipladenias, also known as mandevillas, are tropical climbing plants characterized by their showy and vibrant flowers. They are native to South America and are popular in gardens and as houseplants due to their beauty and ease of cultivation.

Dipladenias are grown mainly for their showy flowers, which can be of different colors, such as red, pink, white or yellow. These plants can climb trellises, fences or other supporting structures, and are also grown in hanging pots. They are appreciated for their ability to flower for long periods, from spring to autumn. Dipladenias are perennial plants and require a warm climate to grow properly. They prefer direct sunlight or semi-shade and require well-drained soil.

 They also need regular watering, but it is important to prevent the soil from becoming too soggy to avoid waterlogging. As for care and maintenance, it is recommended to prune dipladenias after flowering to maintain their shape and promote healthy growth. 

Nursery of dipladenias in Almería

Producción Ornamental Mediterráneo is a nursery specialized in the production of dipladenias plants in different types and varieties: Rio, Sundaville, Bella, Sanderi, etc.

Located in Almeria, in the south of Spain.The area is a favorable place for the production of ornamental plants all year round. We have 12 Has. dedicated to the production of ornamental trees and plants.

Production and wholesale of dipladenias

Our dipladenias plants are prepared in formats suitable for transport from small formats of 7 cm to specimens in pots of 32 cm and 45 cm. We attach great importance to quality, logistics and customer service. All this has led us to become a reference in the distribution of ornamental plants in the national and European market.

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