Dipladenia Bella, also known as Mandevilla Bella, is a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Apocynaceae. It is prized for its beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors, including shades of pink, red and white. These flowers are eye-catching and can add an attractive splash of color to gardens and outdoor spaces.

Dipladenia Bella differs from other varieties by having larger flowers and bells, as well as being more compact and more vivid in color. Also, the center of the flower is intense yellow, which makes them one of the most attractive varieties.

It is a woody vine that can climb or spread, depending on how it is grown. It can be trained to grow on trellises, pergolas or as a potted plant.

In addition, it is sensitive to cold temperatures and is best suited to warm, tropical or subtropical climates. It does not tolerate frost.

Wholesale Dipladenia Bella

Producción Ornamental Mediterráneo is a nursery specialized in the wholesale of dipladenia Bella. We offer a wide variety of dipladenias of the highest quality, in different formats, sizes and colors.

  • Formats: bush, trellis, pyramid, double arch, triple arch and hanging tubs.
  • Size: pot 9-40 cm
  • Colors: White, pink, red, cream pink, two and three colors

Dipladenia Bella is a plant available in spring. Climbing plant, bright colors with a yellow center. We carry out a periodic control during the whole production process as well as a supervision before the plant leaves our facilities in our loading bay so that you receive only the highest quality in your order.

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