Dipladenia Sundaville is a specific variety of Dipladenia (also known as Mandevilla) that has been developed and cultivated for its flowering and growth characteristics. It is often referred to by its trade name, “Sundaville”, which is a registered trademark used to market this particular variety of dipladenia.

Dipladenia Sundaville is known for its more rounded leaves and bushier vegetation. It branches very well and can be found in a wider range of colors, such as creampink, pink, red scarlet, white. 


It is an appropriate variety for vine format thanks to its excellent branching, although it requires more care than other species of dipladenias. 

Nursery Dipladenia Sundaville in Spain

P.O.M. is a nursery specialized in the wholesale of Sundaville dipladenia. We offer a wide variety of dipladenias of the highest quality, in different formats, sizes and colors.

  • Formats: bush, trellis, pyramid, cup, hanging pyramid, sopafix and hanging tub.
  • Size: pots 10,5-29 cm, tubs 27 cm
  • Colors: white, pink, red, cream pink, two-color and three-color.

Dipladenia Sundaville is a plant available in spring. Climbing plant, bright colors with a yellow center. We carry out a periodic control during the whole production process as well as a supervision before the plant leaves our facilities in our loading bay so that you receive only the highest quality in your order.

We keep our customers constantly informed about plant availability and quality. For this purpose, we have Spanish, French and German speaking interlocutors and we send our available weekly with real photos taken in the field.

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