Dipladenia Sanderi or “Mandevilla Sanderi” is a climbing plant belonging to the Apocynaceae family. It is native to South America and is known for its showy flowers. It produces large, showy flowers that can vary in color, including shades of pink, red or white. In red color it is difficult to obtain and is the one that branches the least, being only available in bushy format.

Dipladenia Sanderi is more resistant to drought and tolerates less frequent watering.

This is the only royalty-free Dipladenia variety with free propagation for production in the market. They are often used in cemeteries.

Wholesale Dipladenia Sanderi in Spain

Producción Ornamental Mediterráneo is a nursery specialized in the wholesale of dipladenia Sanderi. We offer a wide variety of dipladenias of the highest quality, in different formats, sizes and colors.

  • Formats: bush, gardening and octagonal tubs
  • Size: pot 10.5 and 14 cm, gardening 16×25 and 16×40 cm and octagonal pot 23 cm.
  • Colors: White and pink

Dipladenia Sanderi is a plant available in spring. Climbing plant, bright colors with a yellow center. We carry out a periodic control during the whole production process as well as a supervision before the plant leaves our facilities in our loading bay so that you receive only the highest quality in your order.

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