Fig tree (Ficus Carica)


Ficus carica, commonly known as fig tree, is a fruit tree belonging to the Moraceae family. Native to the Mediterranean region, the fig has been cultivated for its edible fruits and ornamental value for centuries.

The fig tree can grow to a height of 3 to 9 meters, depending on growing conditions and the specific variety. The trunk is generally short and twisted, with a smooth, light gray bark. The branches extend and intertwine, creating a distinctive structure.

Fig trees thrive in warm, Mediterranean climates. They can tolerate moderate drought but require protection against frost. They are quite drought resistant once established, but regular watering is beneficial for fruit production.

Wholesale of Ficus Carica in Spain

At our nursery, we are proud to offer a wide range of formats and sizes of high quality fig trees (ficus carica) to meet the needs of our wholesale customers. We are dedicated to providing exceptional products and professional service to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Formats: crown or bush
  • Sizes: Jar 20 cm, Pots (from 20 to 45 cms)

Available all year round. Depending on the format, it can be transported in carts, pallets or in bulk according to the customer’s needs”.

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