Young or Semi-old Olive Tree


A young or semi-young olive tree refers to an olive tree of moderate maturity, which implies a tree with a smooth trunk.


Depending on the pruning technique used, they come in different shapes: wild or natural shape, branched, plate/Nube and ball or bushy.


A young olive tree usually varies in height from 1 to 3 meters, depending on the time that has passed since it was planted. In the semi-evergreen stage, the olive tree can exceed 3 meters and get closer to adult height, which generally ranges between 5 and 10 meters.


The trunk of a young olive tree is usually thinner compared to an adult olive tree. The branches may be developing and spreading, but they have not yet reached the complexity and extent of a mature tree.


Wholesale of young or semi-olive olive trees in Spain

At P.O.M. we produce and commercialize a wide assortment of young or semi-young olive trees in different formats, diameters and heights.

  • Wild or natural form
  • Branched
  • Dish / Cloud

Some of the formats we offer to our professional clients are:

  • 45L trunk 20-40cm
  • 50L trunk 25-30 cm
  • 50L trunk 25-40 cm
  • 55L trunk 30-40 cm
  • 70L trunk 45-50 cm
  • 110L trunk 40-50 cm
  • 120L trunk 40-60cm
  • 130L trunk 50-60cm
  • 180L trunk 20-40 cm

Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide you with specialized advice on the choice, care and maintenance of young and semi-olive trees.

*Available all year round, there are formats in tubs in pots in nets can be transported in carts, pallets and in bulk.

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