Olive trees

At Producción Ornamental Mediterráneo, we are proud to be leaders in the production and distribution of high quality olive trees. We specialize in the production and wholesale of premium varieties of olive trees, offering integral solutions to satisfy the needs of our professional customers.

Olive tree nursery

We produce a wide range of carefully selected varieties of olive trees. From classic Mediterranean varieties to the most modern and hardy, our nursery prides itself on providing exclusive, high quality options.

These are some of the varieties that you can find in our catalog of olive trees:
Picual, hojiblanca, verdial, cipresiono, arbequino, intensive, portugal, onil, cornicabra, manzanilla, serrana, villalonga.

Wholesale of olive trees

In our catalog you will find a wide assortment of olive trees in different formats and sizes. Available all year round and in various formats: tubs, pots and nets.

We offer logistics solutions adapted to your needs: transport on carts, pallets or in bulk.

Typologies according to maturity

  • Bonsai or Pata, with a mature trunk and a relatively short height with respect to the diameter and total height of the plant. Depending on their size and trunk thickness, we can find them in containers or in mesh, while if we pay attention to their vegetation, they can be wild or natural, branched or in the form of plates or clouds.
  • Young or semi-young trunk, with moderate maturity. which implies a tree with a smooth trunk. They are produced with different log gauges and sizes, usually all containerized.

Types according to pruning technique

  • Wild or natural form, branched, plate/Nube and ball or bushy.

Typologies according to size

  • Pots of 20 cm, 25 cm, 28 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 45 liters, 90 liters, 110 liters and 500 liters.

*Available all year round, there are formats in tubs, pots and nets, they can be transported in carts, pallets and in bulk.

Are you looking for a wholesale supplier of olive trees? Contact us now, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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