Muses (banana trees)

The musa plant is commonly known as plantain, although it is also called banana in some places. It is a perennial plant that belongs to the Musa genus and is native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia.

The plantain is a large herbaceous plant that grows from a subway rhizome called corm. In addition to the rhizome, muses have an extensive fibrous root system that helps absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

Muses have a strong, fleshy stem that can reach heights of up to 9 meters. The leaves are large and fan-shaped, of intense green color. The leaves of muse plants are arranged in a spiral around the central stem, creating a lush appearance.


Mediterranean Ornamental Production is specialized in the production of muses plants in different types of varieties: Acuminata, Sikkinensis Red Tiger, Oriental Dwarf, Red Dacca, Lasiocarpa, Ensete Maurelli, Dwarf Cavendish and Basjoo. Our experience and modern facilities allow us to obtain ornamental plants of the highest quality.


Our Muses are available all year round, in cup format and various sizes. Pots 17-35cm and pots 70 liters. Possibility of mixing varieties for delivery.

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